Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Talk (1 of 2)

OK kids. Schools in session, let's go. Here's everything you need to know about drugs for now.

Never consume the follwing:

  • Addictive depressants like
    • Alcohol in all forms
    • Barbiturates
    • Benzos, which work on GABA receptors just like alcohol. Never take more than a dose or two in any given course of medicine, unless it is an absolute emergency
  • Addictive Euphorics like
    • Heroin
    • All Opioids, except when prescribed and then always stop before completing the course
  • Addictive stimulants like
  • Designer Drugs like
    • THCO Acetate.
      • From High Times: Between 1949 and 1975, the U.S. Army Chemical Crops conducted human experiments at the Edgewood Arsenal facility in Maryland. THC acetate ester was used on dogs to test the substance’s potential as a non-lethal incapacitating agent. Researchers found that it had twice the ability to throw off dog’s muscle coordination when compared to delta-9 THC.
      • This shit is horrific. On multiple occasions I awoke from a nightmare to find that I was acting it out in real life. A fairly small oral dose of THCO Acetate caused me to fall asleep and wake up in the shower 3 hours later, in the middle of the night, yelling about a dear friend --who is a woman--secretly being Lex Luthor. Yes, really.
      • It also gave me a recurring nightmare in which my mother and stepdad were international jewel thieves and money launderers who used cruises to smuggle diamonds and had paid a surgeon to sew diamonds into the back of my head. I had this nightmare on multiple occasions in early December, including the final time I consumed it, which was a recent Monday. This complete fucking disaster of a trip/half-waking dream/rest-of-the-way nightmare lasted over 24 hours. and led to some extremely bizarre behavior. Yes I can remember what I said and did. It's like the memory of a very vivid dream that lasted from Monday morning until Tuesday goddamn night! I spent at least 20 hours just staring at videos of waves and meditating. Yes, really.
      • That same day, maybe I also ate 140MG of THC. Yes, it was foolish on purpose. You can't overdose on any of this stuff.
      • I was trying to have fun! For fuck's sake. Why is everyone such a Puritan about THC? (History lesson: Puritans were ignorant and superstitious. Native Americans were slightly less so. The end.) It's safer than alcohol, and people treat you like a disease if you take the sensible position of not consuming that calorie-laden, addictive shitshow of a toxin. Weed just makes you giggle and maybe be a bit paranoid. And everyone in NC can use the exact same shit I do without breaking the law since all products are legal and I pay taxes on them. Legal. Safe. Well, not this synthetic garbage that people in CBD states try to use as medicine because actual medical isn't a thing. But even sold in legit stores and taxed. For fuck's sake. I'll stop now.
      • Yes I learned a lot about myself. But DO NOT TRY THCO UNLESS YOU WANT TO RISK LIVING THROUGH A NIGHTMARE. I could not tell when I was awake and when I was asleep until Tuesday night after consuming THCO Monday morning. A) It's legal, B) I am a grown-ass 47 year old man with a proven track record as a banker and father, and C) I actually had some time off for once. I wanted to experiment with a large dose and had the first day with no work and no kids in years. Now we know not to fuck with THCO. Too bad that shit happened on an extremely inconvenient day.
      • No, I do not believe my friend is Lex. No, I do not believe I am related to international diamond merchants. Well, I don't believe it. But that one is at least theoretically possible. Lex Luthor is obviously fictional, or I'm guessing I would have turned into him by now based on how certain people view me.
      • Yes, I know it was fucking foolish. Doesn't mean it was illegal or a sign of a disorder with psychotic featers. THCO can make you goddamn well act like you have one since you are in a waking dream state. FYI.
      • No, I will never ever again consumer THCO Acetate or any other synthetic hallucinogen or any other drug without an extremely specific safety profile.
      • Yes I looked into the safety profile for THCO. There's not much of one yet, but other cannabinoids have no upper safety limit. I always do research. THCO may be safe physically, but it is incredibly dangerous.
      • Avoid it at all costs. It is legal, hemp derived, and will fuck you up 73 ways from Sunday. Stronger than psilocybin and lasts over 24 hours. You fall asleep, then your body wakes up while you are dreaming, and you do crazy shit in your sleep.
      • It is THCO ACETATE. The additive in vape cartridges that caused all those lung problems was Vitamin E ACETATE. I don't know what acetylizing things does to them, but I would not personally heat and inhale an acetate unless advised to do so by a trusted medical professional.
      • Avoid.
      • Avoid.
      • Avoid.
      • A-fucking-VOID.
      • I wish the fucking DEA or Joe Biden or whoever would act on this shit.
    • HHC
      • Oil:Hydrognated Oil::THC:HHC
      • In my experience, this just makes a person sleepy. That was all for me.
      • That said, it is fucking SPICE. The stuff they spray on garbage to make synthetic cannabis.
      • Avoid avoid avoid. Not as much as you need to avoid THCO, but avoid 
    • Delta-10
      • This is a maybe avoid. Sharing info for you, but I don't have anything against this one until it is shown to be dangerous. 
      • It's a version of THC that was discovered when growers sprayed flame retardant on something.
      • Fuck if I know. I guess they tried to smoke it?
      • It is 6-8 X the price of Delta-8 and 2-3 X the price of THCO
      • I assume that means it is highly volatile and dangerous, and pure chemistry
    • Bath Salts or any other designer drugs
    • Synthetic Cannabinoids or any other designer drugs
    • MDMA/X/Molly
    • 2,5-dimethoxy-phenethylamine derivatives
    • Arylcyclohexylamines
    • Benzofurans
    • Diarylethylamines
    • Dissociatives of any sort
    • DOx "substituted amphetamines"
    • Empathogens of any sort
    • Lysergamides
    • NBxx
    • Phenethylamines
    • Piperazines
    • Tryptamines
  • Other
    • Any other goddamn physically addictive chemical other than the miracle molecule caffeine
    • Any other shitty, dangerous designer drug
    • Kratom
    • Any fucking addictive chemical or drug that you do not understand 100%


Drug addition will fuck you up, that's why. You are intelligent enough to figure this shit out by yourself, so I won't insult you by saying much more than that. You want to be a junkie? By all means, try heroin or cocaine or meth. I sincerely hope you don't, but it is your choice to make. Want to blast your brain out and possibly fuck up your ability to understand the world for the rest of your life? Try designer drugs. If you need me to explain anything beyond that, just remember how many years it took me to quit drinking and what it was like when I experimented with THCO Acetate. Was that fun for me? You? Anybody?

Cool, that's what I thought. I trust you to take care of yourself with the information I have provided. If you want to fuck yourself up, it is your life. That said, I love you and obviously hope you don't do that. I would much rather you develop healthier coping mechanisms than I did at your age.

So what is safe to take, Dad?

1) Some deep breaths followed by humming a tune or singing. Diaphragmatic breathing brings calm as effectively as most drugs, and with no ill effects.
2) 10-15 minutes of mindfulness. Like deep breathing, but with intention attached. This is a very important practice.
3) Melatonin or high doses of magnesium for sleep, as long as neither interacts with other medications
4) Marijuana is obviously fine once you are old enough. If it is legal, you are in the clear. If it is illegal, make sure A) you know and trust the person and know for sure that it is legit cannabis, B) you bring exact change and know how to watch your surroundings and know how to give someone money while shaking his hand and then casually grabbing a grocery bag or whatever the piece of camouflage is with the other hand, and C) never have more than an ounce in your possession--whether on your person or in your home--because that is an unenforced $250 misdemeanor. The ideal is to buy things that come from legal states like vape carts or flower that has been priced up by a middleman. That way the government can collect taxes on it.
ABC. Easy as 123.
But you have to be kinda street smart because getting your ass arrested is not fucking fun. Don't get arrested. If you can't break the law without getting caught--and there is no way you could pull off a public drug buy at your age--don't fucking try it. The reward is not worth the risk, I assure you. Find a delivery service. Can't? Follow the law.
5) specific psychedelics if you can procure them yourself, without telling me about it until you have already consumed said substance, under pretty specific conditions. Start by watching Have a Good Trip on Netflix. Actually, you should watch that anyway. If you want to learn more, we can chat more.
⚡I have Grateful Dead shit everywhere. Of course I know all about this stuff. Doesn't mean I do it anymore.
⚡The only one with which I have a lot of experience has effects on mood and behavior that last up to 6mo after consumption. Research, research, research.
⚡Never use these drugs without a specific medical use, and always look up dosage, set, and setting for that specific use.
For example, microdoses of certain things might help with depression, but they will do jack shit for PTSD, according to researchers.
Treating PTSD requires large doses.
Some people who have done personal experiments say that regular large doses work wonders.
In order to minimize unwanted hallucinations, a safe and theoretical hallucinogen can be consumed before sleep.
Another trick I've heard about is to start with (say) a gram of a dried thing of some sort, ground to powder. That's pretty much a large microdose in this example. A person could take that, then wait for its effects to appear, then add the rest of a large dose.
⚡Generally people are trying to maximize the head trip. Medical use of psychedelics is not recreational. Do what you need in order to stay sane.
⚡The best way to do that is to avoid them.
⚡IF you try them, psychedelic drugs only work for 4 days in a row. They are cross-tolerant. I have no idea what they do to your body if you keep using them, but it is my understanding that the body requires a reset representing the consecutive number of days a drug was used.
⚡Never ever ever take large doses of psychedelic drugs for an extended period of time. 

What are shrooms like?


They are also a fucking felony, unfortunately. So don't get caught, and don't talk about it until you don't have any in your possession, whether that is on your person or in your home. No head trip is worth a felony.

What does all this Delta Shit Mean?

There's a chemical in the cannabis sativa plant called Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA). When you heat it at the right temperature for the right amount of time, THCA undergoes a chemical change called decarboxylation and becomes Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This gets you high. A person can munch on all the weed they want, and unless it has partially decarbed during the curing process, nothing happens. Smoking it or vaping it decarbs the THCA. To make edibles, you have to stink up your house or get special equipment. I know you know. It all stinks up the house.

Anyway, THC has a double link on its 9th carbon group. I never took organic chemistry, so I'm trying to learn it. Plain ole THC is called Delta 9 THC (D9). Over time it can degrade into a less intoxicating form if the double link moves to its 8th carbon group. This is Delta 8 THC (D8). You get the deal with D10.

So what is this D8 shit everywhere? Some genius figured out how to convert CBD into D9 THC. That can't be sold in vape carts, so they continue the isomerization process until the D9 degrades into D8. It is chemically identical to naturally occurring D8 (which is rare) and has a long history of safe use.

No fucking idea where D10 and the other synthetics come from. Don't want to know. Just want them banned.

BTW, there some minor cannabinoids are showing up in concentrates. I assume they are manmade. THCV sent me to the hospital with what I thought was a cardiac event. Avoid that shit.

I would baby you, but you know I respect you too much for that. You can handle the truth.

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