Sunday, December 12, 2021

Navigating Worlds

Yesterday I received my order of Navigating Worlds: Collected Essays (2006-2020) by Bezalel Naor. It looks very interesting and appears to have a lot of information about Sabbateanism, an unfortunate development in the 17th century that centered around a man named Shabbatai T'zvi who converted to Islam after many people thought he was a supernatural messiah.

Messiah (Mashiach) means anointed one, not demigod or anything like that. The Messianic Age is a concept that envisions world peace. Something good to hope for.

I've only read a single essay, entitled When Elijah's Mantle Fell. It is about the songwriter Leonard Cohen, who has been a dark light to me for decades. He is on the short list with Robert Zimmerman, Phililp Larkin, and Michael Render.

This is one of the most interesting essays I have read in years. I am going to take my time to soak in every word of this book. It looks like it is jam-packed with interesting ideas.

In honor of my chosen religion, I'm going to try my hand at gematria. This month is 12/21. 12+21 = 32. 32 is the Hebrew word for heart. ❤️‍🔥


Clearly, I have not sought the advice of rabbis or any legitimate source of how to do this. Purely my interpretation of an ancient tradition. ☮️

Be love. Be peace. Be kindness. Hearts on fire. All month long and then afterward too.

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